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Therapy Dough - Aromatherapy Stress Relieving Putty

Therapy Dough - Aromatherapy Stress Relieving Putty

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✔️Variant: Chamomile, Sweet Orange, Ginger Flower, Rosemary, Pure, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender

✔️Ingredients: Silicone, Natural essential oils

Care instruction

✔️Age: 14+


✔️Net weight: 80 grams


❓Why should I buy Bodhiyamas Therapy Dough?
✔️We all try to avoid stress, however, no matter what we do it always come whether we like it or not. Occupying the hands with items, such as therapy dough, is one of the distraction techniques to draw your attention away. However, unlike other therapy doughs in the market, Bodhiyamas Therapy Dough is non-toxic, never dries out, and contains Japanese antibacterial formula. Made of premium silicone, Bodhiyamas Therapy Dough is non-sticky in the hands, and the soft texture feels perfect for stress relief.

❓How long will Therapy dough last?
✔️This will vary from person to person, it depends on how often you use it. A brand new unopened package can last up to 10 years. Properly stored product after each use can make it last up to 3 years.

❓How to use the therapy dough?
✔️Before using the product we advise the user to first clean their hands to not let dirt stick on the dough. Take the dough out from the container and begin your relaxation journey. You can squeeze it, press it, pinch it, stretch it, or use it any other way you prefer.

❓When and where would I use Therapy Dough?
✔️Our BodhiYamas Therapy Dough fits perfectly in your palm, it is convenient to store in your purse or bag. Simply pull them out whenever you feel like using them. Whether it is a time of stress, or simply while resting, reading, or watching TV, our therapy dough will always be there for you.
❓Where is your product made?
✔️Our product is made in Taiwan.

❓Is Therapy Dough washable?
✔️Users can wash Therapy Dough with clean water and wipe it with a tissue or a towel. We do not recommend washing or sanitizing it with alcohol to keep the essential oil smelling longer. Also, avoid using detergents or any other chemical ingredients.

❓Can we use this as an aroma for the room?
✔️Although Therapy Dough is infused with essential oils, the scent is not strong enough to fill up a room

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