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Complete Stress Relief Solution – Immerse yourself in the ultimate relaxation experience with our therapy dough, specially formulated to dissolve stress and tension.  

20 Mins Fast Removal, Effective & Rapid Stress Relieving, long-lasting results.

Premium Quality Assurance – Experience the luxury of our premium therapy dough, crafted with the highest quality materials for maximum safety and satisfaction. 

On-The-Go Relaxation – Enjoy relaxation wherever you are with our portable therapy dough. Compact and lightweight, it's easy to take with you in your bag or pocket and experience instant stress relief anytime, anywhere.

Enhanced Sensory Experiment – Immerse yourself in a world of sensory from soothing lavender to sweet orange, our scented dough adds an extra dimension of enjoyment to your therapy sessions.

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How To Use

Step 1:   Choose your scent

Select the Therapy Dough scent that best suits your mood or preferences. Each color corresponds to a unique aroma, ranging from calming lavender to invigorating citrus.

Step 2:    Knead and squeeze

Begin by gently kneading the Therapy Dough between your palms to warm it up and release the soothing aroma. As you knead, focus on releasing any tension or stress stored in your hands and body.

Step 3:    Repeat as needed

Take your time with the Therapy Dough and repeat the kneading and squeezing motions as needed to feel relaxed.

Isn't It Just Playdough?

Therapy putty, playdough, and silly putty share similarities, but each serves a different purpose. Therapy putty is crafted for hand and finger exercises, aiming to enhance strength, flexibility, and coordination. On the other hand, playdough is a modeling material intended for imaginative play and artistic endeavors.

Tailored Rehabilitation

A major advantage of therapy putty is its capacity to involve and test various muscle groups in the hand and fingers. The flexibility of the putty enables users to complete a variety of exercises, ranging from basic squeezing and stretching to complex movements that simulate everyday tasks. This not only helps in rebuilding strength but also improves fine motor skills and coordination.

Therapy Dough can be used for

Developing hand muscle strength

Improving joint flexibility

Improving finger, thumb and wrist movement

Increasing hand grip

Improving the use of your hand in tasks that you find meaningful

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1. What is Therapy Dough?


Therapy Dough is a silicone-based product crafted from premium materials and infused with unique scents to provide a complete stress relief solution.

2. How does Therapy Dough work?


Release stress and tension by kneading and squeezing the dough. The aroma of each dough variant enhances your sensory experience, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

3. Is Therapy Dough suitable for all ages?


Therapy Dough is suitable for individuals aged 13 and above. It's a versatile tool for stress relief and hand strengthening exercises, perfect for both children and adults.