MORE seats, 

more FUN!

From One to Six Seat: Effortlessly Navigate 
with the Familidoo Stroller & Electric Wagon!

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What Sets Us Apart?

We offer top-quality daycare worldwide,
with durable materials and excellent after-sales service.

International Safety Standard Certificate

Our strollers are certified to meet American ATSM F833-21 and European EU EN1888 standards, ensuring quality 

for family and business use. 

Effortless Stroll

All-terrain wheels equipped with 

shock-absorbing structures and 

a one-step brake system.

Breathable Fabric

Our fabric technology offers UV and wind protection, is lightweight, and easy to clean.

Optimal Design

Our stroller folds to fit in your family car, 

has pockets for your essentials, and easily passes through standard doorways (2.62ft).

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4 Seat Wagon Stroller | Chariot Grand - (MJ06)

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