Why Coloring is Beneficial in Children Development Process?

Why Coloring is Beneficial in Children Development Process?

With the advancement of modern technology in the recent years, it can be difficult to get children away from the screens and get them involved in simple activities like coloring. Sometimes, it is good to return to the basics and take a break from the gadgets. Crayons, paper, and you are set. Coloring pictures and drawing might seem like simple tasks, however, here are some of the benefits that your children can get from the coloring activities:

1. Improving hands and eye coordination

Hand-eye coordination refers to our ability to process information received from the eyes to guide and direct the hands to perform a task. Studies stated that if children do not develop their coordination skills, they might be having trouble growing up. Undertaking activities to foster and strengthen this skill is crucial in children’s development stage. Holding crayons, choosing colors, implementing the colors in the ideal spot and even sharpening crayons can all help with cultivating strong hand-eye coordination in youngsters.

2. Enhancing fine motor skills

A simple task such as coloring can help improve your children motor development. The act of gripping crayons can assist in the development of the muscles of the hands, fingers, and wrist. In the beginning, children may grab the crayon by their fist to color. Then, as their fine motor skills develop, they start to grip it with their fingers and eventually learn to manipulate their crayon beyond a random scribble. 

Familidoo Beeswax Crayon comes in an ergonomic shape design which is easy to use especially for children who are still in the early development stage. The rectangular prism is the perfect shape to train children grab the crayon and utilize all of their hands, fingers, and wrist muscles.

3. Developing early writing skills

When children is coloring, they have to control the speed of the crayon, the pressure they put on it, and the direction of where they steer it. Coloring pages early can help to develop dexterity, hand strength, and attention to detail so that writing process will be done more easily and naturally. 

4. Early introduction of colors and shapes

Coloring is a perfect activity to help your children learn about colors and shapes. The use of different colors when they are coloring gives children a good opportunity to explore different color combinations, while filling in the spaces with colors on a printed page helps children to recognize different shapes and forms in their development process. 

Familidoo Beeswax Crayon comes with 12 vibrant colors, allowing children to recognize many different colors and train their visual sense. Vibrant colors are chosen to attract them and stimulate their excitement in the coloring activity. 

5. Stimulating self-expression and creativity

In the coloring activities, children are given the freedom to draw anything they have in mind. Blank page coloring process offers even more freedom. Children can create a world as they see it, or as they simply wonder it can be. As they grow more confident in coloring, they will be encouraged to try new things, such as different color combinations, patterns, shapes, etc. All those processes will lead them to develop their self-expression and most importantly, the sense of creativity. 

Familidoo Beeswax Crayon is recommended for children in the early development stage. The natural ingredients of Familidoo Beeswax Crayon make it easy to glide on paper. The smooth texture also allows children to mix different colors and invent new colors in their coloring process. 

6. Developing boundaries and spatial awareness

Visual perception is an important skill in the development process of a child. Coloring can help children be more aware of boundaries in the page to help children keep their crayons in the given area. 

7. Therapy and stress relief

Coloring is calming and therapeutic for children as they focus to concentrate on finishing their pictures. This is particularly helpful in children who struggle to process their negative emotions and frustrations, as coloring activity will help them to calm down. This learning process also helps them to train their focus and extend their attention span, which needs to be well trained in their early development process. 


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