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Simple Tricks to Make Coloring More Fun for Children

Every child has different preferences in terms of art experience. Some children love coloring and drawing, while some prefer doing other fun and craft activities. Coloring and drawing might seem like simple tasks, while actually it can bring so many benefits for your little ones, especially during their development process.

Here are some simple ideas to help your children better enjoy coloring activities. As you understand your children very well, try some ideas that you think are best suited for your children and let them explore.

1. Give purpose for the coloring experiences

Having a specific reason or goal to do coloring will more likely help your children get excited about coloring. Things like creating a painting for grandparents, designing cards for their friends, or simply adding decoration to their room, will give a purpose to do their artwork. Furthermore, those missions can attract them to be engaged in the activity. Coloring with intention in mind may give your children the motivation they need to put more dedication and effort.

2. Display coloring artwork

It is not recommended to just simply throw away coloring pages after they are done! Show your children that their work is precious and valuable. Your children may dislike coloring because they think it is just something that will be thrown away in the end. Displaying their coloring artwork may give them a sense of pride and confidence.

3. Explore different drawing tools

There are so many different drawing tools that we can choose. Coloring pencils might be the most popular among others, while actually crayons, markers, and brushes can be a good alternative as well. They have different shapes, textures, as well as end results. Using each of them might give different experiences for children. Let them explore and see which one they prefer the most.

Familidoo Beeswax Crayon comes in an ergonomic shape design that is easy to use especially for children who are still in the early development stage. The rectangular prism is the perfect shape to train children to grab the crayon and utilize all of their hands, fingers, and wrist muscles.

4. Add decoration as the cherry on top

Adding decoration to drawings can make the activity more exciting and help children further enhance their creativity. Go around your house and let your children explore what they can use to decorate their coloring artwork. They can add sandpaper, fabric, brick, leaves, or even tree bark to their artworks.

5. Create DIY frames

You can buy wooden frames from the art store and have your children make their own designs with them. Moreover, you can also use things around your house to decorate the frame. Some things that you can use include buttons, stickers, stamps, cotton balls, pressed flowers, pebbles, etc. Creating a DIY frame will also put more value to the artworks and improve your children creative sense. 

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