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Comprehensive Daycare Supply List for New Childcare Providers

Starting a daycare is an exciting and fulfilling venture. Creating a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for children requires thorough planning and the right resources. A well-prepared daycare supply list ensures that new childcare providers are equipped to meet the needs of the children and provide high-quality care.

Essential Nursery Supplies for a New Daycare

Organizing nursery supplies is a critical task for new childcare providers. Essential items include:

  • Cribs and Sleeping Mats: Children need a comfortable place to rest. Cribs for infants and sleeping mats for older children are necessary. Make sure to have enough bedding and linens that are easy to clean.
  • Diapers and Changing Supplies: A well-stocked changing area is vital. Diapers, wipes, changing pads, and a diaper disposal system are crucial for maintaining hygiene.
  • Feeding Supplies: Bottles, formula, bibs, and high chairs are necessary for infants. For older children, ensure you have plates, cups, utensils, and a supply of nutritious snacks.
  • Health and Safety Items: A first aid kit, safety gates, outlet covers, and baby monitors are essential to keep children safe and healthy.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Maintaining a clean environment is critical. Stock up on disinfectants, paper towels, garbage bags, and cleaning cloths.

Daycare Supplies for Daily Activities

Children thrive in environments that offer a variety of engaging activities. Daycare providers should include a range of daycare supplies to support daily activities:

  • Arts and Crafts Materials: Stock up on crayons, markers, paper, glue, scissors, and paint. These supplies encourage creativity and fine motor skills development.
  • Toys and Games: Provide age-appropriate toys, puzzles, and games. Soft toys for infants, educational toys for toddlers, and board games for older children keep everyone entertained and learning.
  • Books and Storytelling Supplies: A collection of children's books is a must. Storytime fosters language development and a love for reading.
  • Outdoor Play Equipment: Ensure you have safe outdoor play equipment like balls, jump ropes, and playground sets. Physical activity is crucial for children health and development.

Organizational Tools for Daycare Efficiency

Efficiency in a daycare setting often comes from effective organization. Proper organizational tools can help childcare providers manage their time and resources more effectively.

  • Storage Solutions: Shelves, bins, and cubbies help keep daycare supplies organized. Labeling these storage areas can make it easier to find and put away items.
  • Scheduling Tools: Use calendars and planners to keep track of daily activities, appointments, and important dates. Digital scheduling tools can also be beneficial for managing your time.
  • Documentation Supplies: Maintain records of children's attendance, health information, and development milestones. Having these documents organized and easily accessible is important for communication with parents.

Furniture and Fixtures for a Functional Daycare

Creating a functional and relaxed environment for children and staff involves selecting the right furniture and fixtures.

  • Child-Sized Furniture: Tables, chairs, and shelves that are the right size for children help create a comfortable and accessible space. This encourages independence and ease of use.
  • Comfortable Seating for Staff: Chairs and seating areas for staff are just as important. Comfortable seating helps caregivers provide better care and maintain their own well-being.
  • Decorative Elements: Use bright, cheerful colors and child-friendly decorations to create an inviting atmosphere. Posters, rugs, and wall decals can make the space more engaging for children.

Technology and Learning Aids

Incorporating technology and learning aids into the daycare environment can enhance educational experiences and provide additional resources for childcare providers.

  • Educational Technology: Tablets and computers with educational software can offer interactive learning experiences. Ensure these devices are used in moderation and under supervision.
  • Learning Materials: Flashcards, educational posters, and learning kits support cognitive development. Choose materials that are appropriate for the age group you are caring for.
  • Music and Audio Equipment: Having a CD player or digital music system allows you to incorporate music and movement into daily routines. Music is an excellent tool for learning and relaxation.

Outdoor Nursery Supplies for Active Play

Outdoor play is an essential part of a child’s development. Stocking up on outdoor nursery supplies ensures that children have plenty of occasions for physical activity and exploration.

  • Playground Equipment: Swing sets, slides, and climbing structures provide hours of fun and exercise. Ensure all equipment meets safety standards.
  • Sports Equipment: Balls, hula hoops, and other sports equipment encourage physical fitness and teamwork.
  • Gardening Supplies: Small gardening tools, seeds, and plants can be used for educational activities. Gardening teaches children about nature and responsibility.

Hygiene and Safety Supplies

Maintaining high-standards of hygiene and safety is crucial in any childcare setting. Ensure you have all necessary daycare and nursery supplies to keep your center clean and secure.

  • Hand Sanitizers and Soap: Hand hygiene is essential to prevent the spread of germs. Place hand sanitizers and soap dispensers at key locations.
  • Safety Gates and Locks: Childproof your daycare with safety gates and locks to prevent access to potentially hazardous areas.
  • Fire Safety Equipment: Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and emergency evacuation plans are essential for safety.

Creating a Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your daycare can significantly impact the children's experience. Creating a warm, welcoming, and stimulating environment is essential.

  • Personalized Spaces: Create areas that feel personal to the children, such as cubbies for their belongings and spaces to display their artwork.
  • Comfort Zones: Set up cozy areas with cushions and blankets where children can relax and feel comfortable.
  • Interactive Decorations: Use decorations that engage children, such as interactive wall panels or sensory boards.

Familidoo's Commitment to Quality

Familidoo is dedicated to providing high-quality day supplies that meet the highest safety standards. Incorporating reliable and durable products like those from Familidoo can help ensure the safety and comfort of the children in your care.


Starting a daycare involves thoughtful planning and careful selection of daycare supplies and nursery supplies. By investing in essential items, organizing your space effectively, and creating a warm and stimulating environment, you can provide excellent care for children. Remember that each item you choose plays a role in the children's daily experiences and overall development. With the right supplies and a nurturing atmosphere, your daycare can become a place where children thrive and feel safe.

Establishing a well-equipped daycare sets the foundation for a successful childcare business. From nursery supplies to educational tools, every aspect underwrites to creating a supportive and enriching environment for children. As you gather your daycare supplies, consider the diverse needs of the children and how each item will enhance their daily experiences. With careful development and a focus on quality, your daycare can become a place where children grow, learn, and flourish.

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