Color Therapy with BodhiYamas Therapy Dough -

Color Therapy with BodhiYamas Therapy Dough

Our life is full of different emotions, feelings, and actions. During the day, we may experience all kinds of moods. It can vary from happiness to sadness, all in one day. Sometimes it is hard to control it and stay focused, calm, and keep life under control. In today's world, we have many different ways to escape from all of these and find some inner peace. Some people read books, others watch movies or listen to music. There is also one way that doesn't require much, but the color.
Color therapy is a great way to find some peace in our busy lives.  This therapy uses colors and lights to treat our mental health. By using the right colors, we can reach a balance between our mind and body. Different colors may have a different impact on our health. Some colors can help us to focus, some to relax, others are better for fighting depression or curing the headache.
Our BodhiYamas therapy dough uses essential oils and colors to relieve stress and relax. We have carefully chosen the best colors that can help to reach peacefulness. We use calming pastel colors for the new BodhiYamas collection. It is proven that pastel blue or muted green are the best colors to boost the mood and reduce anxiety. Our therapy dough will bring you the best emotions.
 Therapy dough for relieving a stress
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