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Why therapy dough is perfect to relieve stress?

Everyone certainly wants to avoid stress. However, no matter what we do, stress will always come as it is a part of our life cycle. When we are stressed out, our muscles tend to get tighten, and after that comes the usual feeling of pain and uneasiness. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can take a step back and get the stress out?
Occupying the hands is one of the distraction techniques to draw your attention away. Therapy dough offers a simple and fun way to help you relieve those stress. You can squeeze it, shape it, press it, pinch it in any way you prefer. When you partially turn your focus to the therapy dough, you might be able to stop thinking about the things that are causing your stress. Both your muscle and mind can slowly relax.
There might be other ways to divert your attention from stress, such as watching movies, talking to friends, and so many more. These options are not always available at the moment you urgently need. Meanwhile, therapy dough is just one grab away. You can play with the dough while doing something else, even when you are working at the office.
One way to use the therapy dough is by squeezing it. Squeeze it for a few seconds and then release. This simple activity activates your hand and wrist muscles. Then, releasing the grip allows the muscles to relax. The repeated action of squeezing and releasing can reduce muscle tension to release stress, anxiety, and negative energy.
BodhiYamas Therapy Dough collections are infused with scented essential oils making them a perfect tool to relieve stress. The scent activates special receptors in our nose that send signals to our brain to help us find relaxation. Comes in a compact size, it is so convenient to carry it in your bag or purse wherever you go. Whenever you feel stressed and unwell, BodhiYamas Therapy Dough is just one grab away.
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