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Familidoo Silicone Clay: Learning Can be Fun!

Familidoo Silicone Clay is silicone-based play dough. The silicone material makes it different from any other play dough in the market, which is usually made of starch material. The silicone material is not affected by the surrounding humidity; therefore, it will not dry out even if we put it in an open space. While starch material is reactive to the surrounding humidity, so it can dry out because of the water content transfer to the environment. Familidoo Silicone Clay is the perfect toy for kids of all ages because it is reusable and more importantly it is non-toxic. It comes in six vibrant colors that can be mixed, allowing your children to create their own colors. Moreover, it is also good for your children's development process. Here are some benefits of playing with playdough:
1. It Encourages Sensory Development
Children begin to develop their sensory skills by the experience of sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing in their daily activities. Playing with play clay or play dough is an alternative way for your children to spend their time! The texture and vibrant colors of the dough will improve your children’s ability to recognize different sensory stimuli.
2. It Develops Coordination and Motor Skills
Coordination and motor skills development is the gradual process by which a child gains use and coordination of the large muscles of the legs, and arms, and the smaller muscles of the hands. Playing with Familidoo Silicone Clay is a fun learning activity. Children can squish it, poke it, punch it, roll it, stack it, mold it, stretch it, and shape it to develop their coordination and motor skills.
3. It Extends Attention Spans
Playing with clay or dough helps kids slow down and focus on playing while using a number of senses and skills in the process. It brings a welcome break from the use of tablets and cell phones as entertainment for children.
4. It Enhances Their Imagination
Familidoo Silicone Clays provide six vibrant colors and three templates to stimulate children’s creativity. They can mix colors to create new colors and using the clay to create different shapes according to their imagination. Another alternative is to use the clay to decorate a 2D drawings, which can enhance their imagination and creativity.
Familidoo Silicone Clay - Learning can be fun!
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