Familidoo Plié Photoshoot feat. The Warrens

Familidoo Plié Photoshoot feat. The Warrens

Recently we had been closely working with The Warrens in the photoshoot project of our new AF-211 auto-folding stroller in Adelaide, Australia. The photoshoot took place at three different beautiful places in the city.

As many people may have known, The Warrens are content creators from Adelaide, Australia. They are an interracial family, whose mother comes from the Philippines while the father is Australian, which is why we thought they are the best fit to be our model to promote our products globally. They have a beautiful and sweet daughter, Veronica, who recently became a big sister to her brother, Elijah. They have more than 180k fans on YouTube, not including those from Instagram as well as Facebook Page!

Check their YouTube channel below:


It was such a pleasure working with them during the photoshoot. Especially, they are the first models who are a real family that we have ever worked with before. We are so lucky to have them in this project.

The photoshoot was conducted on a beautiful sunny day. Even though it was a tiring day, the family was enthusiastic for the whole day. We received beautiful shots from that day, which we can see below this article.

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The Warrens Australian Influencers
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