Five Things You Can Do As A New Parent

Five Things You Can Do As A New Parent

Nervous, Can't sleep at night, Anxious…. Do you face these problems at night as a new parent? It should be a happy process while being parents, don't let these negative emotions ruin your parenting life!

According to the reports and data of Centers for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC). There are about 3400 cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in the United States each year and it usually occurs among infants less than 1 years old.

Here are five safety precautions that parents should know to prevent these SIDS happens.

1. Ensuring that your baby has a smoke-free environment

Smoking isn't good for parenting

Smoke is dangerous for babies and it can increase the infection of the respiratory system. These damages will last for a long time and it's hard to recover. It is because babies have smaller airways than adults and their airways are still developing.


2. No co-bedding

Baby is sleeping in the big bed

Parents would love to spend 24 hours with their newborn. But! Do you know that co-bedding has a high risk of suffocation because during the night it might sometimes happen that a hard object will cover the baby's head.


3. Keep your baby's head uncovered     


Happy baby is sleeping

Babies around 4 months old are ready to roll over and wriggle.It will lead to the risk where the baby accidentally covers their face and leads to suffocation. To prevent this, parents have to ensure the baby is not sleeping on a plush surface and remove the pillow or blanket that might cover the baby.


4. Be aware of your baby temperature

Thermometer for baby

According to the report, clinical and pathological evidence of overheating was sought in infants dying.The baby immune system is working and fighting with illness and it may be life threatening to the baby.So parents should always prepare a thermometer no matter in which form.


5. Monitor baby abdominal movement with device

BabyCare Device by Familidoo

Parents always need to check the situation for the newborn to give the parents peace of mind during the night. With this new device that launched in the market, it can monitor the abdominal movement of a baby and it has a loud alarm to notify parents if there are any abnormal movements.There are also health management trackers to record the data of the baby.

These are the 5 safety precautions as a parent of 2. Enjoy parenthood as there is only a babyhood for each child.Every moment is matter don’t let the negative emotion ruin it.


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