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BabyCare Device I Monitor Infant Abdominal Movement with Audio Alerts

BabyCare Device I Monitor Infant Abdominal Movement with Audio Alerts

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Baby safety and health management systems that Monitor Infant Abdominal Movement with Audio Alerts - Rollover Position Alarm - Sleep Record - Light and Easy to Clip-on Diaper - Newborn Care Safety Essential.

  • ABDOMINAL MOVEMENT MONITOR – Focused on the baby’s abdominal area, the BabyCare Device can detect all movements during baby’s sleep or awake.

  • ROLL-OVER POSITION ALERT – accurate and loud alarm provides caregivers with important audible alerts in case of a roll-over from sleeping on the back to sleeping on the stomach.

  • SLEEP RECORD - provides parents with information about their baby’s night, from how long the baby is sleeping to how often they require caregivers’ visits

  • HEALTH MANAGEMENT TRACKER – free Familidoo App is free to download and connects to the BabyCare Device via Bluetooth and serves as a health management tracker recording baby's daily health routine such as: vaccinations reminder, milk intake record, diaper Change Status, height, weight.

  • NO SKIN PINCHING – The BabyCare Device easily attaches to the baby's diaper or baby’s clothes avoiding skin pinching and constant falling downs.







Care instruction

✔️Using the mobile App, BabyCare Device connects to the phone or the tablet and serves as a health management tracker recording the baby's daily health routine


📱Mobile Phone Operating System Compatibility: Android 9.0 or higher / iOS 12.0 or higher recommended

📱Bluetooth Version: Low-Power Consumption BLE 5.0

🔋Battery Type: 350 mAh, 3.7V Li-Polymer (Actual battery life may vary depending on individual usage habits)

📏Measurements: 40(L)x48(W)x16(H) mm
📏Net Weight: 23g
📏Gross Weight: 75g


❓Where is your product made?
✔️Our product is made in Taiwan.

❓Can the Familidoo BabyCare device (BCD) be shipped internationally?
✔️Yes, the Familidoo BCD can be shipped internationally.

Shipping & Returns

#We ship Worldwide orders within 7 business days!

#Check more information at the delivery policy page!

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The babyCare device "BCD" reduces the stress of parenting

✔️Abnormal Movemement Monitor

✔️Vaccination, Milk intake, Diaper change records

✔️Roll-Over Position Alert 

✔️Real-time Activity Status

✔️Easy connection to your Android or iOS smartphone

😍😍Learn more about BCD here: /products/babycare-device-breathing-monitor