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Familidoo Bus Luxury Stroller

Familidoo Bus Luxury Stroller

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Familidoo multi-passenger stroller is a Luxury Multi-Passenger Stroller that takes all the comforts of the regular stroller and delivers additional storage, leather details, and an updated wheel design. This luxury stroller maintains its compact and maneuverable design and is made with heavy-duty components for virtually any environment.


✔️6 independent seats
✔️Fully reclinable back seats
✔️Push down the auto-brake device
✔️Large storage basket and 6 colorful storage pockets
✔️Detachable bumper bar
✔️Spacious storage basket

Care instruction

✔️Age: Front Seat: 6 - 36 months
✔️Age: Back Seat: Newborn - 36 months


✔️Open Dimensions: 155x84.5x98 cm
✔️Folding Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 44 cm
✔️Product Weight: 35.5 kg
✔️Gross Weight: 44 kg


❓Where is your product made?
✔️Our product is made in Taiwan.

Shipping & Returns

#We ship Worldwide orders within 7 business days!

#Check more information at the delivery policy page!

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