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Familidoo 4 Seat Lidoo Star DJ04FRL+

Familidoo 4 Seat Lidoo Star DJ04FRL+

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The Familidoo 4 Seat Lidoo Star with Large Canopy Rain Cover, 4 Seat Baby Stroller with All Reclining Seats - 4 Seater Stroller with 5-Point Harness for Safe and Secure Travel - for 6 Months to Toddler.

  • LARGE CANOPY DESIGN – unique double canopy design is adjustable for weather, sleeping or to allow children and parents more visibility.
  • SPACIOUS UNDERCARRIAGE STORAGE BASKET – Combined with the storage pockets there is plenty of space for extra essentials and accessories.
  • EXTENDED LEGROOM – Each seat has extended legroom to fit a wide range of heights.
  • MULTI-POSITION RECLINABLE SEAT – With 4 different recline positions for a variety of situations from sleeping to fully engaging with the world.
  • 5-POINT HARNESS SAFETY BELT – Each seat comes with individual 5-point harness safety belt with child-proof safety lock.


✔️Oversized canopy for extra shade
✔️Peek-a-boo at canopy
✔️Detachable bumper bar
✔️Large storage basket and
✔️4 colorful storage pockets
✔️Fully reclinable back seats
✔️4 independent seats

Care instruction

✔️Age: Front Seat: 6 - 36 months
✔️Age: Back Seat: Newborn - 36 months


✔️Open Dimensions: 130x84.5x98 cm
✔️Folding Dimensions: 104x85x44 cm
✔️Product Weight: 28.5 kg
✔️Gross Weight: 39.2 kg


❓Where is your product made?
✔️Our product is made in Taiwan.

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